Our vision

The foundational value of Mothertree is the empowerment of mothers. We believe that this can be achieved through creating connections and trusted support networks amongst all women who mother. Through building thriving communities, sharing experiences and solving problems mothers can become stronger together. Mothertree is a platform for the diversity of maternal needs and voices.

Mothertree promotes living in a community of mothers as a way to bring more joy, connections and support. We strive to bring positive changes for mothers and children – from loneliness and solitude to community. We need a village to raise our children!

We are a group of solo mums who have come together to tackle the often unspoken challenges mothers face when left to care for children alone. We are passionate about our children and the future we could build for them, together. We are advocates of children’s voices and their rights.

Our team

Ieva Guest Founder/CEO

A single mother of two small children, campaigner for infant/mother dyads and holistic family health. Ieva is a LLL member and supports breast-feeding mothers and babies through the organisation as well as one to one. Ieva has a MA degree in Psychosocial studies and a BA in Studies of Religions at SOAS. Her academic interests are in the ethics of maternal philosophy, attachment theory and maternal feminism. She trained as a doula and is a strong supporter of women’s led childbirth and maternal empowerment.

Dr. Ilze Black Founder/Senior investigator

A manager, media arts producer and researcher. She is a single mum of six-year-old son Arthur. Ilze has a PhD at QMUL Media and Arts Technologies. For over twenty years she has managed a number of creative businesses and produced culture and media arts events in London, Europe and Asia. Her projects engage with ideas of network populism, open communities and transnational society.

Laura Lauberte Founder/Community relations

Psychotherapist in training. Laura has a seven-year-old daughter Tildie. She has a Masters in Psychosocial Studies from Birkbeck University and a BA in World Philosophies from SOAS. Laura is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and her research focus is on child development, psychoanalysis and feminist philosophy. Laura has worked within the charity sector including Amnesty International. For 6 years she has worked with vulnerable families and children as a family support worker and is a breastfeeding supporter at the London Tongue Tie Clinic.

Alexie Sommer Designer

MA RCA, Designer and sustainable communications consultant creating engaging solutions that empower. Alexie has a five year old son Zale. Her masters informed her passion to deliver positive impact through design intention. She collaborates with design led organisations applying both strategic thinking and human intuition to create solutions that raise awareness and evoke behaviour change.

Dr Ariane Stolfi Developer

Architect, musician and senior front-end developer, Ariane has a 21 years old son Tales. She is Phd in sound studies from the University of São Paulo and was visiting researcher at QMUL. She is also lecturer in Sound and Image at the Federal University of South of Bahia, in Brazil, and researches interactive media and experimental interfaces.

Our Board

Indira Lopez-Bassols

BA (Hons), MSc, IBCLC and LLL leader, an educator, Breastfeeding Specialist Consultant and Founder, Director and lead Lecturer of the Breastfeeding London Course.

Dr Adriana Candeias

is a Primal Health specialist, therapeutic nutritionist and natural health consultant, lecturer and a coach of WOMAN OF ME programme.

Lucy Goldman

is an integrative counsellor and trainee psychotherapist specialising in supporting women through the process of assisted fertility. She also runs an online platform dedicated to guiding single women who have decided to have babies through sperm donation.

Alexia Claire Wren-Sillevis

is an energy psychologist and actress. She is a blogger on womens issues related to the sexual health, a public speaker and campaigner.

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