About Mothertree Community

Mothertree is a trusted network and co-living platform for mothers and children.

Welcome to the Mothertree Community Network.

Mothertree is a community network here to serve mothers and children find new connections. The community helps you create mutual support networks that can lead to finding other mothers and a new place to live.

Mothertree is here to help women find tangible ways to share households together in order to alleviate the financial and emotional challenges of solo parenting and to start sharing the joys and fun of motherhood. Why do it alone if we can do it together?

We are planting the seeds for the Mothertree network and the co-living platform. Please join our community and let’s grow Mothertree together! 

We hope you find this space useful.

What is Mothertree for?

Share your stories with other mothers. This space is open for discussions and exchanges about anything related to your experiences as a mother. Maternal journeys are diverse, beautiful, fun, hard and often unacknowledged. 

Find friendships for yourself and your kids!  Mothertree is here to bring more joy to you and your kids. We need a village to raise our children! Why do it alone if we can do it together?

Find other mums who want to share a household with you and your kids. Mothers form mutual support networks organically, often drawn together through shared experience. Come and find your community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mothertree for?

Mothertree is for mums to connect to other mums and support each other.

Mothertree is for women who would like to live with other mothers, share households and nurture children together.

How to start?

Set up Your Profile in Mothertree and tell others about yourself, your family values, what you like, how many kids you have. We match profiles with similar interests. Once set-up you can explore the profiles of other mothers and search discussion forums. 

How can I find other mums in my area?

Use the search tool and find other mums by city or post code.

How can I improve my profile to get better search results?

Please update your profile by adding as much information as you can to help other mothers find you.

How can I create a new discussion thread?

You can create your own discussion group or join existing group discussions. Go to Groups and see if there is a thread already on the subject you want to discuss. If you can’t find the subject you are interested in, you can create your own.

All discussions are for Mum to Mum connections and mutual support.

You can also join our Co-living Group Forum or find a Co-Living group in your city. If you can’t find a group in a city of your interest please start a new group. Co-Living groups are for mums who want to start engaging with the other mums and start building their own MotherTree household. We are always here to help with advice throughout your journey! Join discussions about how to start living with other mothers and nurture children together. 

Can I contact mums directly?

Yes you can. Make a connection and send them a direct message. You can also connect via discussions in forums and groups. Please be mindful and considerate in your communications. 

Does Mothertree have meetups?

Yes we have meetups every two weeks on Zoom. Please see the event group for more information. 

I need more help with the site?

We are here to help with your journey! Please email us on info@mothertee.co

What are your safeguarding strategies?

Please see our Terms of use

I suspect some users here are not mothers. What can I do?

Please send us an email to info [at] mothertree.co and we will look into this.

Most importantly Mothertree is here to bring more joy for you and for you kids. We need a village to raise our children! Why do it alone if we can do it together?

If you have a question that is not answered here, email us at info [at] mothertree.co

Build your Mothertree! 

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